idan ha pri – story about us-

Between Banana fields and Avocado trees lies a magical place. A place surrounded by wonderful tastes and aromas.
Idan and Nadav, a young married couple, reside in Moshav Betzet, located in the Western Galilee, on the northern border of Israel. They decided to combine their life experience and academic knowledge and together started to produce a 100% natural dried fruit with no preservatives, no sugar and gluten free.
Nadav was born in Betzet; he is fourth generation in a family that is engaged with agriculture. The family makes a living from various field crops, mainly Bananas and the knowledge and experience acquired over the years they transfer from father to son.
Idan was born in Kibbutz Hanita, located on the northern border of Israel. She studied food engineering at the Tel Hai College and earned her B.A in management and economics at Bar Ilan University. Idan worked in several factories and laboratories dealing with food technology before she opened her "Dried Fruit" Factory.
The agricultural knowledge and the technology gained during the years brought up the idea of a new concept to natural product – handmade of 100% dried fruit.
Idan and Nadav identified the need and desire of the people for better foods and healthier nutrition; they called their business "Idan Hapri" ("Fruit Age") and they focus on healthy and tasty foods.
Once the fruit is picked it is sent to the factory and goes through several stages such as wash, peeling and cutting. The next step is soaking the fruit in Lemon juice and then it is ready to be dried in the oven for few hours, depends on the type of fruit.
The products you can find in this magical visitor center are:
– 100% natural Dried Fruit
– All kinds of  Herbal Tea
– Home Made Granola with different flavors
– Special Jams – Hand Made
– Olive Oil
– Halva (Delicacy made of  sesame)

contact idan: +972-54-8989061